Somaliland Religious Clerics Loosing Their Trust Worthiness

In a big ceremony held at Noor Al-Huda Mosque on Saturday night 29 July 2017 in which The Minister of Religious Affairs attended turned into a heated up debates in which Sheikh Hasan Abdisalaan argued that opening the church is against Sharia Laws so am asking the Minister here present with us to enlighten about the church rumours circulating  & The Minister of Religious Affairs Sheikh Khaleel replied that after so many requests of Christian Communities working in the country and refugees residents we allowed it because the Muslim Charia isn't against it, but if you got any arguments about it am asking all the Sheikhs here present to please correct us. But there has been fund raisings in Somaliland Mosques of 4 Millions dollars to build a Mosque in Europe while our country has been harshly affected by severe droughts is wrong.

Lately there has been rumours off a big conflicts between the Sheikhs in Somaliland that has erupted after the Gulf Crisis which turned to separated the differences between Our Sheikh Scholars who were educated in Qatar & Saudi Arabia who use to be highly funded and being the Embassadors of Multi-millions of Aid Donations  as-well. Encore there is an increase frustrations of mistrust by Somaliland populations that has been highly against the greed and selfishness of Local Religious Clerics who are mostly the share holders of Somaliland biggest Bussiness Companies, and who are always on alert to preserve their interests when ever they feel threatened like the resent Bank issues  that has been passed by the Parliament concerning allowing international none Islamic Banking Banks in which the key major push factors were that they all got Shares in Somaliland Banks and tried to manipulate the people's minds trying to cover their Financial Greediness with Islamic Charia Laws.

It doesn't only stands here but Somaliland populations tolerances has been highly eruptive against Religious Clerics after the first National Fund Raising proclaimed by the government in which the President appointed the most popular religious Clerics to be in charge collecting funds and delivering Food Aids to droughts affected villages and camp's that weren't as it has been broadcast in Somaliland different Chanel televisions and newspapers as well ending by a general populous views that those who were in charge (Religious clerics) were corrupted and hasn't delivered as expected from them.


Writter: ADEN DEEQ

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