Intimidation Is Taking Place In This Elections !

There is huge turning point in Somaliland election campaigns and international observers should be aware that there are some cells that has been implemented with in.

Freedom of expression is highly under constant watch because there is a shift of balance and the only way to deal with is to use all the necessary resources. The Government Party and The Party itself have big issues although they are the same but it seems that the party is taking advantage for its campaigns using indirectly all the governmental wrongdoings blaming already that DP World investments failed.

From here you can notice that the mayor of Berbera who was campaigning for Kulmiye candidate started to have a press conference saying that Berbera Port Authority service deliveries was getting low since it was handed over to Dp world. From the top when you observe it the government is backing up Kulmiye Candidate but the reality is they each other conspiring against each other. For instance Kulmiye campaigners logo words is ” The Government & The Party are two different things” meaning: all the governmental wrongdoings were only done by President Silaanyo and the Party & his candidate has nothing to do with it.

Those lame statements from Kulmiye campaigners highly offended The President and The First Lady. In conclusion this election has been twisted into so many ways creating confusions with it the populations and specially the Youth that has been divided and as you have been observing our Parliament is cracking and multiple other cracks started along as well and there is a great commonly shared worries about this election.

Written by, Aden Deeq


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